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Features: 1.This product is equipped  with a dust container,designed for dry and rough hand,foot or heel skin and should not be used in otherparts of the body. 
2.There are 2 speed modes and 3 roller heads: Fine roller Head -Suitable for the callus of handscocked dead skin and more delicate skin care; Regular Roller Head -Suitable for the newlyformed callus and normal skin care; Coarse Roller Head-Suitable for stubbornthick callus and dead skin.
3.Gently turn the roller head to stay in the dry andrough skin area for 2-3 seconds. Gentlyslide the roller head over the skinand do not press toohard, orthe product will stop working. 4.Full body washable. Equipped with a 1200mAh battery, charging speed is fast with long work time and lifespan. 5.Before use, cleanandsoften the skin, then dry the skin to ensurethe best results.DO NOT use this product if there is awound or bleeding on your skin
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